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Improving businesses’ culture and connection in
the new virtual workplace

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Hi, I'm Dillon.

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A business is the sum of its parts. But above all else, it can’t function without its people.

Remote working has brought about more disconnection, mistrust, and misalignment in the workplace than ever before. This has instigated and catalysed a potentially fatal process of business culture degradation. It’s not just your employees that need to be healthy for your business to run properly, the connections between them do too.

The fact of the matter is the world has changed. We can’t circle back to where we were before, but we can circle forward; using what we’ve seen, learned, and experienced along the way to forge the best path onward.

Trust, empathy, and connection are needed to bridge these ever-widening rifts. They’re what I’m here to help build.

I’ve developed a culture metric assessment that shows whether culture is working to move a business forward or backwards. The aim of this is to assess cultural effectiveness and health, after which I implement interventions for symptomatic relief from deeper problems within businesses. These interventions take the form either of strategic facilitation sessions designed to build ongoing culture strategies in businesses, or workshops aimed at improving culture, integration, emotional intelligence, and connection in the workplace.

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