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Why Choose Online Team Building Activities?

We offer a wide range of team building activities which are not only flexible but affordable for global teams. As hybrid work becomes the norm and teams are scattered across the globe it is more vital than ever to find fun ways to team build online.

Our fun challenges engage your team while helping them forge strong connections.

The best part is that the challenges are designed to encourage teamwork while revealing individuals strengths and skills as your team bonds over a shared goal. Make your next company conference one to remember, no matter the occasion.

Trivia Challenge: Halloween Edition

Trivia Challenge: Halloween Edition


This experience is for remote teams that want to capture the fun of Halloween, enjoy playing trivia and want to try something different to bring people together.

Pub Explorer | Circle Forward

Pub Explorer


Raise a glass to adventure as you navigate to pubs around your chosen location! With a real ‘mixer’ of trivia and creative challenges, you’ll be sure to find it thirsty work!

120 mins
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Murder On The Slopes | Circle Forward

Murder On The Slopes

Virtual Hybrid

Deadly disaster strikes on a fabulous ski trip, but could it be murder? Gather evidence and rule out suspects before the trail runs cold!

Escape: Arctic Survival | Circle Forward

Escape: Arctic Survival

Virtual Hybrid In-Person

An arctic expedition turned rescue mission. You must crack the code and escape the freezing conditions before it’s too late!

60 - 90 mins
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