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Key Features

4 - 1,000+ participants
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90 minutes
Augmented reality challenges
Mystery solving
Carbon neutral activity
Interactive clues
Against the clock

Murder Mystery on the Train

Have your tickets and passes ready for an express journey back to the roaring ‘20s to solve a murder case that’s on the move!

You and your team have been transported back to the 1920s to solve a murder case onboard a long distance train travelling from Paris to Constantinople. Somewhere between Budapest and Belgrade, a terrible crime has been committed in the night and the body of a wealthy property tycoon has been discovered in one of the carriages.

What could be the motive? Greed? Revenge? Intelligence indicates that the culprit is still at large somewhere on the train but detectives are needed onboard for a thorough investigation.

How Murder On The Train Works

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Search For Evidence

You and your fellow detectives will board the train in Belgrade and meet with the train guard to learn more about the passengers and the events of the night in question.

Working in teams of 4-6 players, you must use the interactive map and augmented reality to scour each carriage. As you explore the train, you’ll also need to examine witness statements, rule out suspects and complete a variety of challenges, earning points as you go!


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Find The Killer Onboard!

Using their own smartphone devices and video conferencing software, players are tasked with uncovering the evidence and finding out who was responsible for the murder as quickly as possible, all before the train arrives in Constantinople!

The winning team will be the detectives who find the killer AND score the most points. If the case isn’t solved then the winners will be the team with the most points!


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Remote Host

A Remote Host will kickstart all virtual, hybrid and in-person activities with an upbeat briefing (15 mins approx), provide support throughout and announce scores and winning team at the end of your event in an entertaining finale!

250-1000 People

We can accommodate up to 250 people per session for remote and hybrid events or up to 1000 people for an in-person event. For larger groups, please get in touch!

Teams of 4-6

During the event, your group will be put into smaller teams of 4 – 6 participants. Teams will be competing against one another to encourage some healthy competition.

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