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Why Choose Online Team Building Activities?

We offer a wide range of team building activities which are not only flexible but affordable for global teams. As hybrid work becomes the norm and teams are scattered across the globe it is more vital than ever to find fun ways to team build online.

Our fun challenges engage your team while helping them forge strong connections.

The best part is that the challenges are designed to encourage teamwork while revealing individuals strengths and skills as your team bonds over a shared goal. Make your next company conference one to remember, no matter the occasion.

Team Quiz: Let's Get Quizzical | Circle Forward

Team Quiz: Let’s Get Quizzical

Virtual Hybrid

This isn’t just any team quiz, this is our action-packed team quiz! Test your general knowledge with 3 rounds of fun, creative challenges against the clock.

Murder On The Train | Circle Forward

Murder On The Train

Virtual Hybrid In-Person

The body of a wealthy tycoon has been discovered and the killer is still on board. Solve this heinous crime before the train reaches its final destination!

Urban Explorer | Circle Forward

Urban Explorer


Maps at the ready, explorers! Navigate your favourite town or city as you complete a variety of immersive challenges and collect virtual scavenger hunt items!

120 mins
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Manor House Murder | Circle Forward

Manor House Murder

Virtual Hybrid

A school reunion has ended in tragedy and a murder investigation has begun. You and your team must tune into your detective skills and find the killer!

Escape: Arctic Survival | Circle Forward

Escape: Arctic Survival

Virtual Hybrid In-Person

An arctic expedition turned rescue mission. You must crack the code and escape the freezing conditions before it’s too late!

60 - 90 mins
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Escape: Art Heist | Circle Forward

Escape: Art Heist

Virtual Hybrid

You’ve been framed for an elaborate art heist. While the real thief walks free, it’s up to you to unravel the clues and make your escape in a race against time!

60 - 90 mins
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