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Why Choose Online Team Building Activities?

We offer a wide range of team building activities which are not only flexible but affordable for global teams. As hybrid work becomes the norm and teams are scattered across the globe it is more vital than ever to find fun ways to team build online.

Our fun challenges engage your team while helping them forge strong connections.

The best part is that the challenges are designed to encourage teamwork while revealing individuals strengths and skills as your team bonds over a shared goal. Make your next company conference one to remember, no matter the occasion.

The Pitch | Circle Forward

The Pitch

Virtual Hybrid In-Person

It’s all systems go in this unique collaborative activity. You and your team are tasked with creating a business pitch that even Lord Sugar couldn’t refuse!

Jungle Survival | Circle Forward

Jungle Survival

Virtual Hybrid

Can your team survive the dangers of the jungle and reclaim the precious artifact before time runs out?

Pirate's Cove | Circle Forward

Pirate’s Cove

Virtual Hybrid In-Person

Avast! Great riches lie ahead for ye and yer team. Following an interactive treasure map, you’re on the hunt for X marks the spot so don’t dilly-dally!

60 - 90 mins
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Level Up | Circle Forward

Level Up


10 levels of fun, interactive challenges, but as the stakes get higher so do the points! Will your team have the winning strategy?

60 - 90 mins
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Beat The Screen | Circle Forward

Beat The Screen

Virtual Hybrid

Get your team up and about in this uplifting, physical challenge that’s a breath of fresh air for those feeling glued to their screens!

Spy School: Training | Circle Forward

Spy School: Training

Virtual Hybrid

You and your team have been enrolled in a top-secret training mission to become the ultimate agents. Earn your training badges and solve this covert case against the clock!

Around The World | Circle Forward

Around The World

Virtual Hybrid In-Person

Take off on a globe-trotting trip that combines 22 countries across 40,000 virtual miles. Get a taste of adventure and culture from Argentina to New Zealand!

60 - 90 mins
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Murder On The Slopes | Circle Forward

Murder On The Slopes

Virtual Hybrid

Deadly disaster strikes on a fabulous ski trip, but could it be murder? Gather evidence and rule out suspects before the trail runs cold!

Murder On The Train | Circle Forward

Murder On The Train

Virtual Hybrid In-Person

The body of a wealthy tycoon has been discovered and the killer is still on board. Solve this heinous crime before the train reaches its final destination!